whitening masterbatch, brightening masterbatch, Brightener OB-1

 Whitening  masterbatch is made of high-quality organic pigments and virgin PE/PP and its dyes and proper additives improve high brilliance, tinting strength & good dispersibility during the processing. All the raw materials audited by the Hygienic or the food inspection report. Suitable for all kinds of plastic application. whitening masterbatch has rigid color and stable performance, which can enhance the product’s stability, and its addition ratio is less . Customized production is accepted. We offer you the most cost-effective color masterbatch according to the requirements or the actual production situation. Specification:
1.high quality plastic raw material
2.innocuous,environmental,strong coloring capacity,steady founction and good dispersiveness 3.wide application

Storage: keep in the dry and cool room

Usage ratio: adjustable to different product requirement
Application: 1.Textile ( Carpet, non-woven, etc.) 2.Film ( shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, stretch film, etc.) 3.Blow Molding (Lubricant & Paint container, bottle blowing etc) 4.Extrusion Molding ( sheet, plate, hollow plate, Pipe, Wire, Cable,etc.) 5.Injection Molding ( Automotive, Electronic, Construction, Housewares, Furniture, Toys, cutlery, buckets,etc.)