Free sample for Drying Masterbatch - Transparent Filler Masterbatch – Yangtian

Transparent filler masterbatch is a kind of high concentration masterbatch made of barium sulfate(BaSO4) or Na2SO4 as filler, polyolefin as the carrier and other additives through full dispersion and processing. It can greatly reduce the product cost and has little effect on the transparency and other performance of the final products. The products made with it just look as same as that with virgin polymers without disturbing transparency of products.
 Item  value
Filler content 70-80%
MFI 9-20g/10min
density 2.2-3.0g/cm3
Addition Ratio 5-40%
Color White
Appearance granules
Carrier PE/ PP
Migration resistance ≥4 level
Light resistance 4-8 grade
Temperature resistance 220℃-300℃


1. High transparency and brightness, the refractive index close to the PP, PE, and high stability 2. No whitening agent, high surface gloss  3. Good dispersibility and no paste sediment is generated at the die opening

4. Improve the production efficiency and reduce the total production cost

Application 1. Injection molding, blow molding, drawing, tape casting, extrusion, film blowing, household appliances, toys, packaging materials, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sporting goods, etc   2. Apply to the shell of the home appliance, can improve luster