2019 Latest Design Plastic Defoaming Masterbatch - Color Masterbatch – Yangtian

Color masterbatch is made of high-quality organic pigments and virgin PE/PP and its dyes and proper additives improve high brilliance, tinting strength & good dispersibility during the processing. All the raw materials audited by the Hygienic or the food inspection report, such as SGS, RoHS, FDA. Suitable for all kinds of plastic application. Color masterbatch has rigid color and stable performance, which can enhance the product’s stability, and its addition ratio is less . Customized production is accepted. We offer you the most cost-effective color masterbatch according to the requirements or the actual production situation.
Color Carrier MFI(g/min) Pigment Content Addition ratio Heat Resistance Light Resistance Migration Resistance
Customizable PE/PP 10.0~45.0 10%~40% 1%~5% 130-280℃ Grade 5 Grade 5
Application: Its widely used in packing film, bottle, cap, hose, toys, household appliances, office supplies, automotive trim, building the pipe, especially for extrusion, blowing film, tape casting, injection molding.